What Is Coding?

The language that we speak is one that we as humans understand. However, since we live in technological world and we use our computers, smartphones and tablets for everything other thing that we do they also need a language of their own that that they can understand. That is where coding comes into the picture. Sounds a bit jumbled up, we know. Allow us to break it down further.

What is Code?

We mentioned earlier that humans have a language of their own that they use, well so do computers and their language is called Machine code. This language will basically tell the machine what to do and should you try to look it up, its just a bunch numbers that are organised in some way. The same codes are used to program the Top10CanCasinos games that we play.  It doesn’t make sense to people who are not coders.

But you see, each of those numbers has a meaning and while they may seem to be randomly arranged, those numbers are placed where they are for a reason. Each of those numbers tells the computer what do as well as what to change in its memory. This can be a number, a word, a picture or a video. As smart as we think our machines, without humans, they are just, well, machines that can’t do anything without being given a specific command.

It is not just anyone who can give machines a command to do, as we noted that there are numbers that have to be arranged in specific way. That is why we have programmers, who give the machines the instructions that they must follow.

Programming Language

Learning machine code can be complicated, so, that is why there is something called programming language. Instead of using machine code, programmer can opt for the simpler option of using programming language, take Python for instance.

When it comes to programming language, rather than numbers, you are telling the machine what to do.
Allow us to give an example, the coder or programmer writes, “write code” to tell the machine what to do. i.e, “write code: print(“Goodbye, Sunshine”).”
The code will then be complied and turned into machine code that the computer will be able to understand. The computer will then execute the code and writes: Goodbye, Sunshine for the world to see.
There are hundreds of programming languages, but they all function the same way. Similarly, there are hundreds of Top10OnlineCasino slot games, but they are all played the same way.

Coding and Programming Language

Now that you know what coding and programing language is, how do you tell machine to do what you want to do? Well this is simple, you use a document that is full of coding lines that is called a script.
Each script is created such that you give the machine a specific thing to do. This can be anything from changing image size, playing music to liking a persons’ picture on social media.


Wrapping it all up, coding will then be the process of using a specific programming language in order to give a computer instructions that it needs to follow. As you do so, you need to make sure that you