We’re going through changes


August 19th, 2009

So i thought i’d let people know that rhys-works.com will soon ™ be taking on a new look. I’ve decided to re-angle the site into something a little more fashionable with the web 2.0 movement and social networking era, as i’ve changed directions slightly with what i originally intended for the site.
The site will be (and is) a visual effects and technology blog (don’t worry, the tutorials aren’t going anywhere and there *will* be more). I also intend to maintain the idea of the occasional guest speaker, but hopefully in future i will be able to make more general posts than large sweeping updates.
To start the ball rolling i’ll be hangin’ on twitter and will be keeping the world up to date with any progress on the site via tweets, and will also be throwing out any other “cool stuff” i come across.



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