Different Types of Programming Languages

There are thousands of languages that humans use to talk to each other. While one person cannot learn all of them, they know the most popular and the ones that will enable them to communicate with people where ever they are in the world. In the same manner, there are a number of programming languages that programmers use when they want to get things done on the machines. While one programmer may not know all the languages, they need to make sure that they know the basic ones.
That being said, we shall look at some of the most popular programming languages that every coder either knows or is making sure to learn.

Types Of Coding Languages


The most popular programming language that there is, is Java. This language is very popular as it has been used to create mobile apps and video games. It is actually the major language that is used in the creation of most Android applications.
It comes with WORA (write once run everywhere) that is designed to run across every software platform. Additionally, Java is also very easy to learn as well as understand.


Python comes with a simple an easy syntax that everyone can learn. Such that many have dubbed Python as the easiest programming language to learn, just as many have hailed online blackjack as the easiest online casino game to play.
Python can be used to create pretty much anything that needs to be created. This is from apps to web pages. Python rose to popularity due to the that that Google invested in it over the years. Some applications that have been built with Python are Pinterest and Instagram.


This is also another very popular programming language. In actual fact, most colleges and universities teach you about C before they take you to out the rest of the codes that are available.


Ruby or Ruby on Rails as many know it is another code that is very popular when it comes to the creation of web applications. It’s very easy to learn and can be mastered within a few months, as a result, it is very much on demand. Such that if ever you were trying to create new mobile application to support online casino games, this would be the code that you would most probably have to use.


Although it is called JavaScript, there is nothing about it that is related to Java. Anyways, this is another programming language that many love to use because of the fact that it is simple and can be used for anything as well. With JavaScript, as a programmer you can add various elements to the website that you are creating.


Okay this is pronounced as C-Sharp and not as C-Hashtag. It is a programming language that is used mainly for the development of Microsoft applications. C# is very similar