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Rain Over Water Tutorial

Rain Over Water

The very long awaited and featured rain over water sequence is now complete in tutorial form! This tutorial is in 3 parts detailing the initial texture, creating the water, and creating the rain, all completely inside After Effects. This one has been a long time coming and i’ve had a lot of requests on how to do it so i hope this satisfies you guys. Any questions, you know where to ask them.

As mentioned in the tutorial, the hi-rez quicktime version of the effect can be found here right click, save as.

41 thoughts on “Rain Over Water Tutorial

  1. Hey guy,
    i really like your tutorial. Its really nice to see how you combine and use different Plugins to create this really realistic looking Effect, especially the water.

    I saw the same Effect on a other AE Site with CC Particle World, but yours looking much better.

    Whats your opinion to enhance the Water Drops with a rendered Particle by a 3D Programm like Cinema4D. Did u think it can improve the scene?
    Many THX for this tutorial and greetiings from Germany

  2. btw. how long did you worked on the original projekt? I can imagine that its took Days, Weeks, Month to get the right settings.

  3. Hi Warti,

    A 3D particle could work fine on enhancing the scene; in 3D you could add a lot more detail to each particle and such. Maybe you could take the water texture and create a reflection map on the particles.

    In making the original it kind of happened in stages. I got the rough idea down in a couple of days to a week, and then kept coming back to it over time. I expect the final product wasn’t done for about a month.

  4. Awesome stuff!

    Really enjoyed the tutorial, excellent work.
    I’m thinking of making a rain sequence, and both this and your raindrop tutorial will come in extremely handy :)

    Thanks for providing such a great source of Adobe After Effects Tutorials!

  5. Dud, so cool man!.. all the rain stuff..thnx a lot,

    havent heard from u for a while,, wasap? T.C

  6. Hi hi

    Everything’s fine, just extremely busy with my degree just lately. Hopefully i’ll have some updates for some more stuff soon, and i’m working on a new rhys-works service as we speak.


  7. thanks for the tuturial..it realy help mi to create special effect in my video that im doing this days…hope you make more tuturial…that helps the special effect creator..once again thanks…
    and more thing can u help me how to create a fighting sceen justlike matrix…plssss help me….
    ps hope youre repply

  8. i’m italian, my english is not good
    i don’t have trapcode plug-in so there was a method to create the rain?

  9. Hi

    I haven’t yet made the tutorial for creating the rain without Particular. It’s on the list for future tutorials.


  10. I right click on the files to save as, but for some reason it doesn’t work. I’d love to save the high-rez quicktime files, but all that I can do right now is click on the links and watch the flash rain over water tutorials.

  11. Nice tutorial,

    I have one problem I have not the CC Starbust on my after effects,
    Do you know where I can get this effects?

  12. It’s a CyCore Fx plugin. It should ship with your version of After Effects.

  13. yeah i have the same problem.
    i have adobe effects CS3 and i dont have cc starburst in my effects.
    i have a starbust in my synthetics… but how do i go on with the tutorial?
    im kinda stuck… :\

    can i download that effect ?

  14. The CyCore effects plugins are a set of plugins that ship with After Effects. i.e. you have them straight out of the box. They’re made by the cycorefx group and have been bundled with AE for some time. When you buy AE, you buy those too.

  15. yeah same here because i downloaded the demo version so i dont have those things.

    you should let us be able to download your project file like that guy does at videopilot.com

    its really helpful.

  16. Project files will be coming as part of something else some time in the future.

  17. I have found the plugin and now I can finaly continue with the tutorial thank you very much!

  18. Second link doesn’t seem to be working either. Must be some kind of Vimeo issue, i got the e-mail.

  19. I like it. Though it looks a little like the rain is moving with the camera, you could try offsetting the rain to the camera laterally maybe?

  20. really, i was desparated for such rain effect and i found it here.it gave me a great pleasure.thank
    you for helping us.may be it will be very fruitful for all.

  21. Impressive tutorial. I have been messing about with rain effects for some time, mainly trying to achieve the “rain on lens” Bokeh effect. I have it quite well worked out, but was wondering if you might like to have a look at it and suggest improvements. If it gets to a fully workable stage you could make up a tutorial for others. If the idea grabs you, drop me an email and I’ll send you the files.


  22. hey the tutorial is awesome…
    but i had a que.
    i have made the water effect but when i made particular rain drops effect , in that u have made collide effect…i mean ur raindrops touches the ground and mine doesnt :(
    wat can be the prob?
    i also want to make that bounce effect…
    hope to hear from u soon…

    anyway thanks…

  23. how did u make that bounce effect?
    i m not able to do that….

    anyway the tuts is awesome

    thanks :)

  24. The bounce effect is achieved with the floor layer i set up, and the particular ‘bounce’ settings you should see me alter in the video. If things aren’t bouncing right, the chances are you’ve either not set up the floor layer correctly/in the right place, or that you don’t have the bounce settings configured.

    Taking a look at those parts of the video should help.

  25. Hi….thanks for the tutorial…I am a student in Vancouver Film School and just decided to going into VFX. So glad found this website and its pretty cool you share your knowledge with us coz, only few people does that…few very very great people. Thanks again!!

  26. Thanks :) Glad you like it.

    Vancouver’s a top school, from what i understand. Hope it goes well.

  27. Hi there wow ! what a tutorial !! so great
    but why didnt you put the project online? ^^
    is it possible to get the project? I have all plugins that are needed for this project
    it will safe us alot of time and we can start right away adjusting all the settings to our own needs. Is it possible to email me this AE project? pleaaaasseeee ^^

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